An Update On American Empire: “America Unhinged”

Updating the status of U.S. Empire by reviewing the latest article by John Mearsheimer, America Unhinged. Too often the reality of U.S. Empire is kept a secret in the United States, never discussed in the corporate media or by elected officials. It is almost like the powers-that-be do not want Americans to know they live in the largest empire in world history. It is important to recognize that reality so we understand why the country is under attack by people all over the globe and why the U.S. has military forces active in every corner of the Earth. In addition, we much better understand our economy if we realize it is an "Empire Economy" with client states the U.S. needs to please (especially wealthy oligarchs around the world) and transnational corporations that expect to profit from the U.S. being the largest empire in world history. Without understanding this context it is easy for Americans to be fooled by absurd comments like President George W. Bush after the 9-11 attack: "Why do they hate us? They hate us for our freedoms." Of course, "they" hate us because U.S. foreign policy is one of dominance by military, economic and political means

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